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“Out of every hun­dred new ideas ninety-​nine or more will prob­a­bly be infe­rior to the tra­di­tional responses which they pro­pose to replace. No one man, how­ever bril­liant or well-​informed, can come in one life­time to such full­ness of under­stand­ing as to safely judge and dis­miss the cus­toms or insti­tu­tions of his soci­ety, for those are the wis­dom of gen­er­a­tions after cen­turies of exper­i­ment in the lab­o­ra­tory of history.”
Will Durant
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TSTASK Stu­dent Reg­is­tra­tions For the Aca­d­e­mic Year 201718 reopen from 161017 till 311017.